Straight Flush Anyone?

Sep 5, 2014

Benjamin Vinson We join the action on a flop of [Th] [8h] [7h]. Kiryl Radzivonau checks to Ben Vinson, who bets 1,700, and a third player in the hand calls from position causing Radzivonau to fold. The turn card is the [6h], Vinson checks, his opponent bets 1,800 and Vinson calls. The final card is the [9h] – putting a straight flush on the board – Vinson checks, his opponent smiles and bets 5,000; Vinson takes a few moments to consider his options and moves all-in, and his opponent folds. Vinson shows [9d] [6d], for the bluff, and his opponent’s face turns redder than the board.

Vinson ~ 48,000

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