Straight for Ray Qartomy

May 22, 2018

Bryan Piccioli raises the cutoff to 10,000 and both Dietrich Fast and Ray Qartomy call on the button and the big blind.

The flop lands Club 9Spade 8Club 3 and Qartomy leads for 10,000. Piccioli bumps it up to 36,000 and Fast folds, as Qartomy calls.

Both players check the Diamond Q on the turn as the Spade A completes the board on the river.

Qartomy bets 100,000 and Piccioli calls.

Qartomy tables his Club JSpade 10 for a straight as Piccioli flashes his Club ADiamond A for top set and mucks.

Ray Qartomy – 380,000
Bryan Piccioli – 245,000

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