Straight on Board for Faraz Jaka

Jan 17, 2020

Following a raise in the cutoff to 300, WPTDeepStacks champion Faraz Jaka calls on the button, as does Blake Bohn in the big blind.

The Heart 3Club AClub 4 flop checks through to reveal the Spade 2 on the turn.

Bohn checks, the initial raiser bets 500 and Jaka calls as Bohn folds.

The river is the Heart 5 and the initial raiser bets 500. Jaka raises to 5,200 and his opponent calls.

Jaka tables his Club 8Diamond 8 and his opponent reveals his Spade ASpade 3 to see the pot chopped up with a straight on the board.

Faraz Jaka – 44,800
Blake Bohn – 45,100

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