Stuart Gold Doubles Through Andy Santiago

Feb 29, 2016

Stuart Gold
Stuart Gold moves all in from under the gun for his last 810,000. The action folds around to Andy Santiago in the big blind. Santiago cuts out the chips and puts the to the side while he thinks it over. “How you doing Stu,” asks Santiago. “Just playing my cards,” Gold replies as he cracks a smile.

Santiago eventually slides out the calling chips and the hands are revealed.

Gold: Club AHeart J
Santiago: Spade 6Diamond 6

It is a coin flip situation and Gold is at risk for his tournament life. The dealer spreads a flop of Diamond JHeart 8Club 2 and Gold pairs his jack in the window. The Diamond 9 and Spade 9 complete the board and Gold earn the double up.

Stuart Gold- 1,725,000
Andy Santiago- 7,300,000

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