Studdard Doubles Right After Dinner

Feb 27, 2016

Darius Studdard came back from the dinner break with just over ten big blinds and after a few minutes, he’s already found a double and will now hope to continue his climb back towards a starting stack.

Action was picked up with the board showing Club 9Diamond 7Club 5 and after Studdard checked, his opponent bet 2,500. Studdard had just under 10,500 left in front of him and those chips went in the middle, forcing his opponent to a decision.

After a few moments of thought, he eventually called. The big stack needed to hit to send Studdard to the rail, as he held Diamond 10Heart 8 to Studdard’s Spade 74X 4. The short stack’s middle pair was good on the flop and it stayed good through the turn and river, as the Diamond 9 and Club 4 completed the board.

It wasn’t a sizable double up but it will give Studdard more room to work moving through Level 10, as he tries to get back to another Big Stax final table. The New Yorker finished 7th in August’s Big Stax XII 300 event and since then, he’s pushed his career earnings up and over the $450,000 mark.

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