Sunny Vijaywari Eliminated in Eighth Place (INR713,000)

Nov 13, 2017

Sunny Vijay

Anil Adiani raises to 180,000 preflop on the cutoff, Sunny Vijaywari (pictured) reraises to 410,000 on the button, and Arjun Arora reraises all in on the small blind, which is more than enough to cover either opponent. Adiani folds, Vijaywari calls, and the two remaining players reveal their cards.

Arora: Diamond KClub K
Vijaywari: Spade 10Spade 4

Board: Club AHeart QClub 2Spade 7Club 9

Vijaywari is eliminated in eighth place, good for INR713,000, and Arora stacks up 3.9 million for the chip lead after collecting the pot thanks to pocket kings.

Arjun Arora – 3,900,000 (65 bb)
Sunny Vijaywari – Eliminated in Eighth Place (INR713,000)

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