Sinem Melin always sticks out at a poker table. Not only does she have a mane of thick black curls, but drama seems to follow her around at the poker tables like you wouldn’t believe. We found her table at the last hand before the break, where she invited us to ‘Sweat With Sin’. Sure, we said.

Sinem Melin: [AdKd] 

Raising to 400 pre-flop, Sin is only called by Harry Zammit, the legendary North-West regular, who has hopped down the M6 to get involved in some of this £1 million guaranteed action here at WPT500 Nottingham. 

The flop was [2d8d5c], not a bad one for Sin, who leads for 500. Zammit isn’t put off, Indeed, he raises to 2,000, which Sin calls. The turn card is the [Ks], improving Sin’s hand. She now has top pair, top kicker, as well as the nut flush draw and bets 2,600, which Zammit calls. The river is the [Kh], and Zammit bets 5,900. Sin raises to 14,500, Zammit jams the lot in and Sin calls off her last few chips, showing trip kings. 

Zammit: [2c2s] 

Harry Zammit isn’t a legend for nothing, and it’s "Dammit" for Sin as she heads to the registration desk. Zammit’s full house on the river means that he now has 45,000, and a twinkling smile plays across his face. He’s seen it all, this guy.

Sin has the sweat, a cold sweat! 

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