Table Of Death?

Nov 14, 2014

Certain tables have a life of their own. Previously loose players are scared into their shells, and formerly tight operators get gung-ho at the drop of a 4-bet. 

The table featuring Daniel Tang, Leon Campbell, Tom Brady, Jamie Roberts and Daiva Baruskaite has been one of those tables. Firstly, a raising war developed between Leon Campbell and Daniel Tang, whose shove on the turn of [2d6s2hKc5h] was snapped off, Campbell holding [6h6d] for the flopped full house, Tang sheepishly showing [Ah9c] for more hot air than is flowing around the WPT Marquee right now. 

Then, with an opening bet of, Daiva Baruskaite threw in a raise of 2,200, was re-raised by Jamie Roberts, and when it came round to her, shoved her whole 16,000 stack with [5s7s]. Jamie called her with [AcKh] and held.  

We have 535 players remaining fro the 772 total entries so far today. Will we actually crack 800? Wow. 

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