Take a Selfie! Win Exclusive partypoker Limited Edition Monster Headphones

Sep 5, 2014

Royal Flush Girls Violet & Tugba taking a selfie You know something’s special, when they call it "Exclusive Limited Edition". That’s a mouthful, and not without reason. The Exclusive partypoker Limited Edition Monster Headphones produce amazing sound, and they don’t look bad either.

There are several ways of winning these headphones here at the 2014 partypoker World Poker Tour Merit North Cyprus Classic. You have to either be the last partypoker qualifier standing, or you’ll have to get your phone and twitter involved.

If you’re the last partypoker qualifier standing in this event, chances are you’re already in the money and you’ll be rich enough to buy a pair of Monster headphones yourself. But the Exclusive partypoker Limited Edition version is harder to get your hands on, so that should make it worth your while anyway.

If you didn’t qualify through partypoker, there’s another way you can go home with the headphones. The Royal Flush Girls will walk around with the limited edition headphones, and ask you to take a selfie with them while wearing them. Simply use the front camera to shoot a photo with one of the beautiful ladies (or both) and tweet it using the hashtag #WPTCyprus. The Royal Flush Girls will then pick the best selfie, and reward it with the exclusive headphones. 

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