Tao Bo Liang Eliminated in 46th Place by Petter Jetten

Feb 22, 2016


Tao Bo Liang is all in preflop under the gun and both Peter Jetten (button) and Mike Bui (big blind) call to create a 400,000 main pot. The flop is dealt Spade QHeart 10Spade 7 and Jetten bets 160,000 to start the action in the side pot. Bui thinks for a minute but decides to fold. The two remaining players then reveal their cards.

Jetten: Diamond 10Spade 10
Liang: Diamond 9Spade 9

Turn and River: Diamond 6Spade K

Jetten wins the hand and he grows his stack to a massive 920,000. Liang is eliminated in 50th place, good for $8,775 CAD.

Peter Jetten – 920,000 (115 bb)
Tao Bo Liang – Eliminated in 46th Place ($8,775 CAD)

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