Taylor McFarland Triples, Stoyan Obreshkov Eliminated

Dec 18, 2019

Taylor McFarland

From the hijack, Taylor McFarland (pictured) opens to 7,000 and Clayton Maguire three-bets to 21,500 from the button.

From the big blind, Stoyan Obreshkov moves all in for 107,000. McFarland calls all in for 87,000, and Maguire calls putting both players at risk.

McFarland: Spade JDiamond J
Maguire: Diamond QHeart Q
Obreshkov: Diamond AClub K

The board runs out Club JClub 6Spade 7Spade 3Diamond 2 and McFarland scores the triple while Maguire wins the side pot as Obreshkov is eliminated.

Taylor McFarland – 265,500
Clayton Maguire – 172,500
Stoyan Obreshkov – Eliminated

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