Taylor Paur Keeps Firing

Aug 25, 2014

Taylor Paur and two other players see a flop of [Qh9d6h].   The player in the blinds checks, the player in the cutoff does the same, and Paur bets 750 from the button.  THe player in theblinds folds, while the player in the cutoff calls.

The turn brings the [7h] and the cutoff player checks a second time. Paur bets 2,050 and his opponent calls.

The river is the [6c] and the player in the cutoff checks a third time. Paur bets 6,250 and his opponent again calls.

Paur turns over [Ah3s] for ace-high.  His opponent turns over [KhQs] for a pair of queens to take the pot.

Taylor Paur – 26,000

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