Ted Ely Loves The River

Feb 26, 2016

Ted Ely raises to 2,600 from early position and the action folds around to the player on the button who calls. The small blind calls and they go three handed to the Spade 9Club 10Heart 6 flop. Both players check to the button who fires out a bet of 5,700. The small blind check raises all in for his last 38,600 and Ely reshoves for 58,700. With the action back on the button he goes deep into the tank standing up from his chair.

“Give me a second guys” he says before eventually flashing his Spade QSpade J to his neighbor and tossing it into the muck. The small blind shows Spade 7Diamond 8 for the flopped nut straight and Ely tables Club QDiamond J for an open ended straight draw. The turn brings the Spade 10 and the Spade 8 completes the board giving Ely the nut straight. Ely scoops the pot and sends his opponent to the rail while the player on the button looks at the board in dismay as he would have made a straight flush. “Good fold” Ely jokes with the player on the button while stacking his chips.

Ted Ely- 115,000

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