Ten-Deuce Kills Brunson's Action

Dec 7, 2011

With around 5,000 chips already in the pot and the board reading [Ac10s2c], the player in the small blind checks, David Baker checks in the big blind, and Doyle Brunson bets 4,000 from middle position. Matt Marafioti is on the button and calls.  The player in the small blind and Baker both fold.

The turn brings the [2h] and Brunson checks.  Marafioti bets 4,200, and Brunson check-raises to 15,000 total.  Marafioti thinks  minute then folds.

Eli Elezra reaches out and pulls down the [Ac], leaving the ten and the two deuces on the board.  He asks Marafioti, "How can you beat Doyle Brunson with these cards on the board?"

As the players file out to go on break, Brunson quietly tells tablemate Justin Zaki, "That’s the worst card I could’ve caught."

Doyle Brunson – 80,000
Matt Marafioti – 149,500 

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