Terry Grimes Eliminated By Curt Kohlberg

Sep 16, 2014

Curt Kohlberg raises to 2,700 from early position and is called by three players before Terry Grimes three-bets all in for 5,700 from the big blind. Kohlberg four-bets to 15,000 and only one opponent calls to see the [8h5s3c] flop.

Kohlberg check-calls 10,000 from his opponent, both check the [Jh] turn and the [6h] river completes the board. Kohlberg bets 15,000 and his opponent calls.

Kohlberg tables [3h3d] for a set of threes, his opponent mucks and the short-stacked Grimes shows a beaten [8s6s] for two pair, giving Kohlberg the pot.

Curt Kohlberg – 278,000 (231 bb)

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