Thai Ha Correctly Folds For His Tournament Life Against Aaron Ogus

May 6, 2018

Jake Schindler opens to 12,000 under the gun and gets calls from Aaron Ogus in the hijack, Ankush Mandavia on the button and Thai Ha in the small blind.

Schindler checks the Diamond 7Club 6Heart 3 flop and Ogus bets 20,000. All players except Schindler call and the Spade 10 hits the turn.

Ha checks, Ogus bets 60,000 and only Ha stays in for the Heart 9 river. Ha checks and Ogus shoves to put Ha at risk for his last 190,000.

Ha burns through a time chip and asks Ogus if he will show if Ha folds. Once Ogus agrees, Ha folds Diamond 6Heart 6 face-up. Ogus shows Diamond 10Heart 10 (pictured below) for a better set and Ha drops to a shade over 30 big blinds.

Aaron Ogus

Aaron Ogus – 930,000
Thai Ha – 190,000

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