The Big Stacks Battle

Aug 28, 2014

Jeremy Kottler vs Tyler Kenney 2
Photo: WPT Commentator Mike Sexton watches as Tyler Kenney (right) flashes his [AsKd] after losing the pot to Jeremy Kottler (left).

Action folds to Jeremy Kottler in the small blind and he completes. Tyler Kenney is in the big blind and raises to 90,000. Kottler calls.

The flop comes [Kh7s2d] and Kottler checks. Kenney bets 115,000 and Kottler calls.

The turn is the [8c]. Kottler checks again and, this time, Kenney bets 190,000.  Kottler check-raises to 465,000. A crowd forms around the table as Kenney deliberates. He eventually calls.

The river brings the [4s]. Kottler takes his time before betting 750,000. Kenney thinks for a couple of minutes before calling.

Kottler turns over [Kc8d] for two pair, kings and eights. Kenney stares at his opponent’s hand for a minute, then flashes his [AsKd] before mucking his cards.

Jeremy Kottler  –  4,650,000 (155 bb)
Tyler Kenney  –  1,450,000 (48 bb)

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