The Buck Stops Here

Nov 16, 2014

D8A_5524 Richard Buck has left the WPT500 tournament in 6th place, after being eliminated on the river in a cruel way. 

All of his chips went in on a flop of [9d5d4c] , called by Derek Payne. Buck had [9h6s] and was ahead of derek’s [Ad2d] but the ace of clubs landed on the river and broke Buck’s heart, ending his dream in 6th place. 

"I wish it had been a diamond, that would have been OK." sighed Richard afterwards. "The pay jumps are getting bigger now. 

He’s not wrong.  Here’s what’s still left to be paid: 

1  £140,000

2  £85,000

3  £55,000

4  £35,000

5  £25,000

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