The Final Day of the Main Event is Here

Jan 13, 2020

S18 WPTDS  Berlin

Twenty-four hopefuls will be back in the card room very soon, all still in with a shot of taking home the title, trophy and a cool €130,000.

Play will resume at 2 pm local time, here at Casino Spielbank Berlin.

Some are in a better position to do so than others. Bartlomiej Paradowski (2,110,000) built up a huge stack yesterday, out-doing Daniel Szymanski’s (2,090,000) efforts by a whisker.

Sinan Turhan (1,400,000), Christian Teubner (1,370,000), Zahi Ben Gigi (1,225,000), Eldad Bentov (1,125,000) and Mate Mecs (1,050,000) all finished in the seven-figure club too. Michal Mrakes (485,000) is still in contention too albeit as one of the shorter stacks left in the competition.

This is poker though. Everything can change. What is certain, is that today will play down to a winner, meaning before the night is over there will be a new champion inducted into the WPTDS record books.

So far at least €4,600 had been locked up for their efforts, with the remaining field reached a pay-jump as the final three tables were reached last night. They return to play the last 17 minutes of Level 22, with blinds at 10,000-15,000 15,000 big blind ante.

Levels remain at 60 minutes long until heads up is reached when they will be reduced to 30-minutes. There will be a break every two hours, at the end of every second level. will be here for the duration to bring you all the news and excitement from the moment cards are in the air, until the winner has been crowned.

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