The Nuts for Daniel Szymanski

Jan 13, 2020

Bartlomiej Paradowski

The Diamond 2Heart QSpade 10 flop is out and Bartlomiej Paradowski (pictured) bets 550,000, Daniel Szymanski calls.

The turn is a Diamond K. Paradowski bets again, this time for 1 million, Szymanski doesn’t want to go anywhere just yet.

The Heart 8 completes the board and Paradowski barrels a third time, making it 1,500 to see his cards. Szymanski starts counting out chips for what looks like a re-raise, then proceeds to put 4,000 total over the line. Paradowski calls but mucks when he sees Szymanski holds the nuts with Spade ADiamond J.

Daniel Szymanski – 16,500,000
Bartlomiej Paradowski – 3,300,000

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