The Otts Enter, and Piccioli Re-Enters

Oct 1, 2017

A couple of 2017 World Series of Poker Main Event final tablists are seated at the same table this afternoon.

Both Bryan Piccioli (back today after busting Day 1a) and Dan Ott are in action. Piccioli finished sixth in the WSOP Main while Dan Ott made it all of the way to runner-up versus Scott Blumstein. Blumstein played yesterday, by the way, and actually bagged the shortest stack of all 78 players who survived Day 1a.

Joining those July Niners — or “July-ners” (a term recently invented by your intrepid reporting team) — is Ott’s twin brother, Dylan Ott, with whom Dan played and cashed in the “Tag Team” event

Dylan Ott – 32,500 (163 bb)
Dan Ott – 23,000 (115 bb)
Bryan Piccioli – 15,050 (75 bb)

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