D8A_4347Above – Royal Flush Girl Dalia Gutierrez takes her best shot at four-time World Champion Carl Froch! 

Jake Cody arrived yesterday, taking part in Day 1F, but not making it through, he’s one of several pros in the Day 1G Turbo, including Craig McCorkell, James Dempsey and Pablo Gordillo. 

Cody called a raise of 1500 pre-flop, then saw a flop of [9c5d4h], only up against Nik Moskou. Jake bet 2400 and Nik called. 

On the turn of Tc, Jake bet 6200, which got another call, before the river of [8h] prompted a shove for around 29,000 from Jake. He gets a fold, and a 22,000 pot is pushed his way.

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