The Remaining Bounties

Mar 14, 2007

With Allen Cunningham‘s elimination, we’re down to six remaining bounties. The way this thing is going, some of them may not be collected until the final table.

Jeff Madsen is our monster stack, closing in on a half-million chips. David Williams, Erik Seidel and Robert Williamson III are all on very solid stacks. That leaves our last two women standing: Isabelle Mercier and Joanne “JJ” Liu, neither of whom has many chips, both of who have been on the verge of elimination a number of times only to bounce back to health.

Of course, the later in the tournament we get, the less such things matter. $5,000 is nothing to sneeze at, but at this point, everyone who’s left is eying a much bigger prize. You aren’t going to be seeing much in the way of bounty-specific play from this point on.

– One other note; with the twin eliminations of Nam Le and JC Tran mark what feels like their earliest co-elimination since the Reagan administration.

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