The Skrill Last-Longer Update: Cornel Cimpan Leads

Sep 16, 2014

Cornel Cimpan
WPT sponsor Skrill, a digital wallet payment processor, is hosting a free last-longer bonus prize for players in the WPT Borgata Poker Open. To enter, players needed to sign up on Day 1 and pick up a Skrill patch.

The last remaining player in the tournament who has worn their Skrill patch the entire time will receive the cost of their buy-in back — $3,500.

There were 75 players who signed up for the contest, and 44 of them survived to Day 2. Of the Skrill-patched players, the biggest stack at the start of Day 2 belonged to WPT Champions Club member Cornel Cimpan (pictured above) with 166,900.

Cimpan has increased his stack since then, and now sits on 190,000.

Cornel Cimpan  –  190,000  (190 bb)

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