"The Snizzle" For Palma

Feb 21, 2016

We just caught big action between Nicholas Palma and Steven Buckner, in which the latter lost the majority of his chips.

The preflop action was not known to us, but when we picked things up Buckner was facing a big raise to 13,800 with 7,000 out in front of him. Buckner – in position from the button – made the call and the flop brought out Club AHeart 10Diamond 7.

Buckner looked at his cards a bit too enthusiastically according to Will Failla, who dropped by to check in on the action, “Why the hell are you showing them your cards?”

Failla – loud and entertaining as always – made fun of Buckner, and Palma encouraged him to stick around to watch the remainder of the hand.

Palma checked on the flop and Buckner quickly bet 10,000. Palma didn’t hesitate and threw out about 40,000, which was more than enough to put Buckner all in for the 12,000 he had left behind.

“This is too good,” Palma chuckled, “I don’t even care what he does at this point.”

As Buckner tanked Palma said, “I’m gonna show anyway,” and eventually his opponent did fold.

Palma tabled pocket aces – for top set – and Failla yelled, “What the f*** you raising for? You got the snizzle!”

Palma laughed, Buckner shook his head and claimed to have folded ace-king, and things stayed entertaining here on Day 1 of the WPT Fallsview Main Event.

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