The Tournament Director is Working Overtime

Sep 7, 2014

What have the players put into their morning coffee?

Tournament Director, Christian Scalzi, is whizzing around the room like a busy bee, as dealers wave their hands in Mexican wave style alacrity.

The first issue emerged on Table 6.

From what we can gather Ilan Boujenah was facing a decision on the river, and after a suitable period of time, the clock was called. Then with just seconds remaining it was suggested that Boujenah faked a motion to call.

The TD was called, and Boujenah was handed a two-hand penalty – and he exploded. We don’t understand French, but we do understand bulging arteries, a red face and a lot of stomping.

Boujenah was not a happy camper.

The next bout of controversy arose on the table of Toby Lewis.

There was an open to 2,300, and one caller, before Toby Lewis squeezed from the button to 8,000. The initial raiser folded, but the caller moved all-in.

The Brit asked for a count, the dealer did her job, and as soon as it was clear that Lewis had the player covered he said, ‘OK, that’s fine.’

The Russian-speaking dealer assumed that Lewis was telling her he was folding. This then led to the all-in player (who was also Russian) proudly showing the table pocket nines. Lewis sat there stoically with his cards unmoved.

The TD’s eventual decision was for Lewis and the all-in player to take back their stacks and divide the 7,000 pot between them. Both players were happy with the ruling although Lewis confirmed he would have most likely called.

Lewis ~ 55,000

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