Thew Must Be Joking

Nov 9, 2014

We wandered over to take a look at the table with NeilMcCulloch on it, and saw that Julian Thew had joined the action. And straight into it he was! 

On a board of [6d5c7h5h], Thew bet 1800 from the big blind, and was called by his heads-up-to-the-flop opponent, David Greene, on the button.

The river brought the [Qh] and this time, Thew pumped in 3200. Greene did that classic poker trick of looking back at his cards, but rather than it lead to a fold, it prompted a determined call. Thew couldn’t turn over [Ah9h], probably so as never to be slowrolling with what did turn out to be the nest hand. A nice pot is raked towards the family man and British pro. 

Both Thew and Greene are wearing scarves, yet it’s ultra snug here at DTD in Nottingham. Maybe they’re looking to get on a heater… 

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