Things Get Testy Between Linster and Medesan

Nov 6, 2014

Mike Linster raises to 6,500 from early position and Alain Medean three-bets to 14,500 on the button. Action folds back to Linster who calls to see a flop of [10c4h4c].

Linster check-calls 11,500 from Medesan to see the [4d] turn, which both players check. The [Qc] river completes the board and Linster checks.

"Eighty-five," announces Medesan, followed by his putting in 85,000.

Linster asks for a floor to be called as to whether the bet should be 8,500 or 85,000, since the big blind is just 3,000. The floor rules that in fact the bet should be 8,500, and Linster calls.

Medesan flings [AcAs] in the direction of Linster and Linster mucks.

"I will bust you with 7-3," says a peeved Medesan.

"You should be happy, you made more money. I wasn’t calling 85,000," replies Linster.

"You couldn’t fold huh? Had to see what I had," says Medesan, followed by him mocking Linster’s calling of the floor in a high-pitched voice.

Will Failla at this point decided to enter into the argument.

"Let’s just have a group hug and move on," says Failla. "Still, he’s right. It should be 8,500."

Alain Medesan – 285,000 (95 bb)
Mike Linster – 123,000 (41 bb)

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