Third Pair Win for Loni Harwood

Mar 23, 2019

Loni Harwood

Loni Harwood (pictured) opens to 1,500 from early position and WPT Champions Club member Guo Liang Chen calls in the hijack, along with the player on the button and from the big blind.

The flop lands Club 9Heart 7Club A, and after the big blind checks, Harwood bets 3,000. Chen is the only caller as the turn falls the Spade 5.

Harwood bets 4,500 and Chen calls before both players check the Diamond 2 on the river.

Harwood tables her Spade 8Spade 7, and Chen mucks.

Loni Harwood – 54,000
Guo Liang Chen – 24,400

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