Thomas Boivin Doubles Thru Aaron Van Blarcum

Oct 19, 2022

Thomas Boivin
Photo:  Thomas Boivin

With the board showing Spade 10Club 8Heart 6Spade Q on the turn and about 25,000 already in the pot, WPT Champions Club member Aaron Van Blarcum checks from middle position, and Thomas Boivin moves all in from the hijack for 16,900.

Van Blarcum tanks for a long time before he calls with Heart 9Diamond 9 for a pair of nines with a double-gutshot straight draw. Boivin turns over Spade KHeart K, and needs his hand to hold to stay alive.

The river card is the Spade 4, and Boivin wins the pot with his kings to double up in chips.

Thomas Boivin  –  59,000  (98 bb)
Aaron Van Blarcum  –  145,000  (242 bb)

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