Thomas Walhroos Eliminated in 7th Place

Apr 26, 2007

Mike Wattel opens the pot for a T420,000 raise. Paul Lee calls behind him and Thomas Wahlroos moves all-in for T4.35 million more from the big blind. Wattel folds and Lee makes the call with [AdQs]. Wahlroos shows [As10s] and can’t believe that Lee made the call with his hand.

The flop comes [Jh8s2s], retaining the lead for Paul, but giving Wahlroos the nut flush draw. The turn is the [2d], giving Wahlroos additional outs to split the pot. The river is the [5d], missing Wahlroos completely and eliminating him in 7th place. Going out on the TV bubble, Wahlroos will collect $278,465.

With his elimination, the final six are set for the WPT Championship final table.

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