Tim Cramer Doubles Thru Rogen Chhabra

Aug 23, 2014

With the flop reading [KdJc9c], Tim Cramer checks from the big blind and Rogen Chhabra checks from early position. JC Tran bets 3,600 from the hijack, Cramer check-raises to 15,000 and Chhabra check-reraises to 26,400. Tran folds and Cramer calls all in for about 22,000.

Cramer: [Qc4c]
Chhabra: [AcAd]

The [10c] turn gives Cramer a flush, the [2h] river is no help to Chhabra and Cramer scores the double up.

Tim Cramer – 59,000
Rogen Chhabra – 120,000
JC Tran – 96,000

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