Tim Cramer Shoves the River Against Mike Shariati

Mar 1, 2016

Rene Hernandez raises under the gun to 32,000, Mike Shariati calls from middle position, and Tim Cramer reraises from the hijack to 64,000. Hernandez folds, and Shariati calls.

The flop comes Diamond QSpade 5Heart 4, Shariati checks, Cramer bets 75,000, and Shariati calls. The turn card is the Diamond J, Shariati checks, Cramer bets 135,000, and Shariati calls.

The river card is the Spade A, Shariati checks, Cramer moves all in for 431,000, and Shariati folds. Cramer takes the pot.

Tim Cramer  –  985,000  (62 bb)
Mike Shariati  –  1,905,000  (119 bb)

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