Tim Reilly Gets Right Into Action

Feb 26, 2016

While most players traveling to a tournament stop might take a day off after a flight, Tim Reilly is doing the opposite today. After getting up “way too early” and flying into Philadelphia from Boston, Reilly has jumped right into today’s Day 1A action.

Reilly’s last live tournament score came in the last domestic based WPTDS Main Event in Florida, as he notched a 90th place finish in the nearly 1,700 player championship event at the Lucky Hearts Poker Open. While we don’t expect to see this field hit those kind of numbers, the last two weeks of Parx events suggest that this field should build up a sizable prize pool.

The Massachusetts native splits his time between Boston and Toronto, playing online poker on the worldwide sites north of the border when he’s not traveling the live circuit. That’s where the majority of Riley’s career earnings have come from, as he’s won over $1,000,000 in online events, while adding another $800,000 in live events.

Needless to say, there might not be a more well-rounded player in today’s field than Tim Reilly and he, just like Stefanski, will try to notch his first Parx score this weekend in the WTPDS Big Stax XV 1500.

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