Tim Reilly Off To A Good Start

Feb 26, 2016

Tim Reilly
We catch up to the three handed action on a flop of Spade QClub 8Diamond 6, the action checks to the button who slides out a bet of 1,500. The player in the big blind calls and Tim Reilly calls. The turn brings the Diamond 9 and both players check to the player on the button who tosses out a bet of 3,500. The big blind check raises to 8,325, Reilly calls and the button also calls. The Spade 9 completes the board and all three players knuckle the felt.

“I got counterfeited” says the player on the button as he turn over his Spade 8Heart 6. The player in the big blind shows Diamond 5Spade 7 for a turned straight but it is no good as Reilly tables the Diamond JDiamond 10. Even though Reilly is scooping in the big pot he says a few words to himself about wishing he had raised the turn. Never the less Reilly is off to a great start and is now playing a stack of 67,000.

Tim Reilly- 67,000

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