Tim Tim Is Out Out

Nov 9, 2014

partypoker WPT National London Day 3

Legendary London player Tim Tim Timotheu (pictured above) has busted, despite having the better edge of a pre-flop flip that left one player kicking himself.

Pre-flop, Richard Hawes raises from the hijack, calld from the button by Tim Tim and Cliff Jardine, but then Gavin Markham re-raises to 3200. Hawes calls, but Timotheu is all-in over the top for 18,000. Markham re-raises for his whole stack, and he has Tim Tim covered. Hawes eventually folds pocket queens, but when he sees the hands turned over, grimaces.

Tim Tim: [AsKc] 
Gavin: [QhQs] 

With no ace or king coming, that means Timotheu’s is out.

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