Timo Kamphues Takes Down Shooting Stars Event for $90,498; Nikita Kupchin Takes $64,429 for Second Place

Jul 30, 2020

The heads up match lasted barely five minutes, with Timo Kamphues’s 5:1 lead (and hot streak) no match for Nikita Kupchin. Once again the chips went in ahead for the short-stack but by the end it was irrelevant, with Kamphues winning at showdown.

Kupchin tried to slow play his pocket Club 10Diamond 10 by limping the small blind/button but Kamphues had a hand good enough to jam with anyway, holding Heart AHeart 6.

It was all looking good for Kupchin through the Diamond 5Club QClub 5 flop and Spade 5 turn but the Diamond A river gave Kamphues the better full house and with it the title, trophy and a cool $90,498 in cash. Kupchin takes home $64,429 for finishing runner up but both players can also take pleasure knowing that at least $51,200 has been raised for 1 Day Sooner as a result of this tournament.

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