Timotheu Rinsing The Opposition

Nov 10, 2014

Tim Tim has re-entered after what was possibly the longest dwell between entries ever seen in poker! 

He’s back, though, and reaching for raising chips. In the cut-off, he gets three callers to a flop of [3d5h6d] where he continuation-bets, losing two players and going heads-up to a turn of [Jh].

Tim Tim shoves all-in and gets a call from 6-8. Tim Tim’s pocket kings hold. 

In the very next hand, Tim Tim is in again, raising pre-flop to 2,700. Called by two players, [3d7sKs] is the flop and Tim Tim makes it 3,700, isolating to one player.  On the river of [2s] he fires out 6,800 and that’s good enough to take it down… 

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