Toby Lewis Eliminates Ali Hassan to Take the Chip Lead

Sep 8, 2014

A monster pot between Toby Lewis and Ali Hassan has propelled the British star into the chip lead.

Lewis opens the action to 10,000, from under the gun, Ali Hassan three-bets to 21,500, two seats to his left, and the action folds back to Lewis.

Lewis takes his time before sliding out a four-bet of 55,000. Hassan also takes his time before calling.

Flop: [Kc] [6s] [3s]

Lewis bets 45,000, and Hassan makes the call.

Turn: [2s]

Lewis bets 75,000 and Hassan studies Lewis long and hard before moving all-in for 270,000. Lewis double checks his cards before calling.


Lewis: [As] [Ah]
Hassan: [Ac] [Kd]

It’s top pair for Hassan, and the over pair plus flush draw for Lewis. Hassan has just one out and the [9h] isn’t one of them.

Hassan leaves the competition and Lewis is the new chip leader with 880,000.

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