Toby Lewis vs. Taylor Paur

Jan 12, 2019

Toby Lewis

Action folds to Toby Lewis (pictured) in the hijack, and he raises to 1,800. Taylor Paur three-bets to 5,500 next to speak in the cutoff, and when it returns to Lewis, he calls.

The Heart 3Spade 10Club QDiamond QHeart Q board checks through to the river where Paur bets out 4,800.

Lewis thinks for a little before check-raising to 20,000.

Paur takes his time to form a decision, and he eventually decides upon a call.

Lewis tables his Spade ADiamond A for a full house, and Paur mucks.

Toby Lewis – 94,400
Taylor Paur – 29,900

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