Todd Terry Eliminated by Ali Eslami

Aug 26, 2014

Todd Terry raises under the gun to 3,000, and a player in middle position reraises to 6,600. The player in the hijack calls, as does Ali Eslami on the button. Terry reraises all in for 34,800.

The middle-position player tanks for a while before he folds, and the player in the hijack thinks for a couple of moments before he folds as well. Eslami is the last player left to act, and he describes it as a simple math problem and starts running some numbers out loud.

After 30 seconds or so, Eslami calls with [10c10s], and Terry turns over [AdQd]. Terry needs to improve to stay alive.

The board comes [10h3h3d6c2s], and Eslami flops a full house, tens full of threes, to eliminate Terry from the tournament.

Ali Eslami  –  135,000  (112 bb)
Todd Terry  –  Eliminated

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