Toft Takes 20th; Cvetkovic Climbs Past 2,500,000

Feb 28, 2016

Andy Santiago opens with a raise from under the gun to 80,000 and is immediately three-bet by Nenad Cvetkovic to 210,000. Action folds through to Robert Toft in the small blind, and he moves all in for his last 365,000. Santiago thinks about it for a while and then folds. Cvetkovic calls.

Toft: Diamond ADiamond JHeart 2Diamond 6Diamond 3
Cvetkovic: Club JSpade J

The board runs out Heart 8Heart QClub KDiamond 7Club Q and the jacks for Cvetkovic hold, eliminating Toft in 20th place. Toft will collect $8,683 for his run, while Cvetkovic climbs past 2,500,000.

Nenad Cvetkovic – 2,650,000
Robert Toft – Eliminated

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