Tom Duong Eliminated in 18th Place; Dragon Wins a Huge Pot

Mar 27, 2007

From the button Tom Duong raises to T18,000. David Pham re-raises T38,000 more and Duong makes the call. The flop comes [KcJh3s]. David leads out for T60,000 and Duong re-raises to T140,000. David raises all-in and is called by Duong. Doung shows [KdJd] for top two pair and David shows pocket Aces and is behind.

On the turn David spikes the [Ah] to make a set of aces. The river is the [5c] and Tom Duong is eliminated in 19th place. He will take home $15,948.

With the huge pot David “The Dragon” Pham now has T850,000.

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