Tom Hall Drags a Sizeable Multiway Pot

Feb 18, 2020


Oleh Okhotskyi limps under the gun, Peter Jaksland makes it 1,100 from the hijack, and Fredrik Andersson three-bets to 3,500 on the button. Tom Hall calls from the big blind and Jaksland and Okhotskyi match the bid as well.

All players check the Spade 2Club 8Heart 9 flop to the Heart 6 turn. Andersson fires 10,000 in position, but Hall and Okhotskyi stuck around, calling. Jaskland gives up.

The Club 3 river is quickly checked and Hall rolls over Club 10Heart 10, learning he has the best hand as both of his opponents muck.

Tom Hall – 102,000
Oleh Okhotskyi – 65,000
Peter Jaksland – 45,000
Fredrik Andersson – 37,000

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