Tom Marchese Eliminated in 28th Place

May 21, 2018

Tom Marchese

From the hijack, Bryan Piccioli raises to 6,000 and Stephen Chidwick calls in the cutoff.

From the small blind, Tom Marchese (pictured) moves all in for 63,100 and Piccioli folds. Chidwick calls, and the cards are tabled.

Marchese: Diamond AClub J
Chidwick: Heart 8Spade 8

The dealer spreads a Diamond 8Spade AHeart 7Heart 2Spade 9 board to see Chidwick connect with a set to eliminate Marchese in 28th place.

Stephen Chidwick – 395,000
Tom Marchese – Eliminated in 28th Place

As Marchese is eliminated, Steven Rosen is eliminated in 27th place, and shortly thereafter fellow short stack David Sands is eliminated in 26th place.

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