Tom Marchese vs. Markus Durnegger

May 21, 2018

From the button, Tom Marchese opens to 3,200 and Markus Durnegger three-bets from the big blind to 12,000.

Marchese calls, and the dealer spreads a Club AClub 2Heart K flop. Durnegger continues for 6,000 and Marchese calls as the turn lands the Heart 4 and both players check.

The river falls the Club K, and after a Durnegger check, Marchese grabs an assortment of blue 5,000-denomination chips and places them into the middle for a bet of 60,000. Durnegger folds, and Marchese collects the pot.

Tom Marchese – 295,000
Markus Durnegger – 32,000

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