Tom Thomas in Complete Control as Players Close in on Dinner Break

Feb 29, 2016

\Tom Thomas
Players are preparing to head on their 75-minute dinner break at the completion of this level. So far this final table has been all Tom Thomas, as he continues to run a stack up and extend his chip lead.

In the latest hand, Andy Santiago limps from under the gun and action folds around to Tom Thomas in the cutoff, who raises to 275,000. David Datashvili calls out of the big blind and Santiago tags along as well.

The three see a flop of Spade JDiamond 7Heart Q and the action checks all the way around. The dealer burns and turns the Spade 6 and again Datashvili checks. Santiago checks for a second time and Thomas fires out a bet of 300,000. Datashvili now check-raises to 1,050,000 and Santiago quickly folds. Thomas barely blinks before sliding forward a tower of chips, good for a three-bet to 2,300,000. Datashvili folds and Thomas rakes in the pot.

“I was ahead, I was ahead,” chuckles Thomas as Datashvili continues to question him.

Tom Thomas – 12,300,000
David Datashvili – 5,100,000

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