Tony Dunst Busts a Player

Aug 23, 2014

Brandon Crawford raises to 275 from the hijack, the player in the cutoff calls, and the player in the small blind reraises to 1,100.  Raw Deal correspondent Tony Dunst is in the big blind and four bets to 3,000 total.

Crawford folds, as does the player in the cutoff, then the player in the small blind moves all-in for his last 10,000 or so. Dunst asks, "That big, huh?" Then he calls.

It is a race, as Dunst holds [9h][9c] to his opponent’s [Ah][Kd].  The [Kc10s3c] flop gives the player in the small blind the advantage, but the [6c] on the turn gives Dunst some additional outs with a flush draw.

Dunst hits his flush with the [Jc] on the river to take the pot and send his opponent home.

Tony Dunst – 38,000

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