Tony Dunst Doubles Through John Villanueva

Jan 12, 2020

Tony Dunst

WPT Commentator Tony Dunst (pictured) raises to 6,000 in late position and Lior Orel calls from the hijack. Derek Nakafuji is in the cutoff, and he makes it 22,000 to go.

John Villanueva calls in the big blind, and when the action returns to Dunst, he moves all in for 100,500. Orel and Nakafuji fold, but Villanueva calls.

Dunst: Heart 10Diamond 10
Villanueva: Diamond ADiamond 6

The board runs out Spade QSpade 4Club 7Heart 2Heart 7 and Dunst doubles through.

Tony Dunst – 234,500
John Villanueva – 20,000

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