Tony Dunst Eliminated by Bao Pham in 14th Place

Jan 28, 2024

Tony Dunst
Photo:  WPT Commentator and WPT Champions Club Member Tony Dunst

The action starts with a raise to 110,000 from an early position by Bao Pham and he earns calls from Tony Dunst as well as Konstantin Held in the blinds.

On a flop of Diamond 6Club 4Club 3, Dunst checks and Held bets 130,000. Pham raises to 300,000 and Dunst then comes over the top with a check-shove. Held gets out of the way and Pham asks for a count on the jam, which is for 1,030,000 total.

The call follows and the cards are on their backs.

Tony Dunst: Club AClub 7
Bao Pham: Heart 6Heart 5

Dunst has a gutshot, one live card and the nut flush draw but fails to improve on the Heart K turn and Spade 4 river to become the next casualty. This also means that a new WPT Main Tour champion will be crowned, as Dunst was the only former winner in contention.

Bao Pham – 3,050,000 (61 bb)
Konstantin Held – 4,015,000 (80 bb)
Tony Dunst – Eliminated in 14th Place ($27,410)

Tony Dunst Tony Dunst
Photo:  Tony Dunst

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